Supply Chain

Distribute your product to the right locations based on demand, from the initial Allocation through final replenishment.


Churchill’s Profile Cluster Builder™ (PCB) provides retailers with a faster method for generating high quality seasonal profiles.  PCB is also used to determine store clusters, size ranges, and assortments. 

With Churchill’s PCB, retailers can:

Spend less time manually building profiles for your retail environment and start leveraging the power of Churchill AI today!

Allocation & Sell-Through Forecasting

Churchill’s Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster™ (SLC) is advanced life cycle or “sell-through” demand forecasting software that supports a wide variety of retail planning applications.  Sound forecasts are essential to the success of most retail planning and price optimization applications.

Churchill’s SLC software generates sophisticated and detailed consumer demand forecasts for any number of retail planning applications, including:
Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster™  provides retailers the demand intelligence to plan and react to consumer behavior at all levels of the business, from Merchandising to Promotions to Supply Chain.

Inventory Replenishment

Churchill’s Replenishment Demand Forecaster™ (RDF) is powerful software that enables retailers to accurately forecast their basic item needs. One of the hallmarks of RDF is its ability to handle high volume and fractional forecast requirements. These forecasts can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodic, predicting demand at the distribution center or store level.

Features include:

Churchill’s Replenishment Demand Forecaster automates demand forecasting and creates the foundation for other Demand Intelligence software solutions.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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