Three Decades of
AI Software Expertise

Since 1989, Churchill has provided advanced AI Machine Learning software to the largest retailers in the world.  Our commitment to quality and the success of our customers is what drives our Project Teams each and every day.

Our Recent Version 4 Announcements Demonstrate

Churchill continues its mission of driving inefficiency and budget from retail forecasting and analytics.

Today, our product and services take us all over the Western World (North America, South America, Great Britain & Western Europe). If you are looking for a very high quality, almost technician-free, budget efficient forecasting or analytic application, please consider Churchill.

For 3 Decades, Major Retailers Worldwide Have Relied On Us

Established as an IBM Technology Partner specializing in Artificial Intelligence

Churchill is a software and services organization that applies AI-based pattern recognition technologies to the understanding and forecasting of retail shopper buying behavior.

Today, Churchill focuses on the real-world requirements of medium to large retailers

A major breakthrough occurred when Churchill engineers, utilizing AI neural network technology, discovered how to significantly improve the efficiency of AI-based retail forecasting applications, while at the same time, drastically reducing the amount of historical data required to build the forecasting and analytic models.

Our story & achievements


Churchill Founder and President Harve C. Light III Establishes Business with a focus on Artificial Intelligence for Retail.


The release of Demand Forecast Manager v1.0 ushers in a new age of forecasting and analytics for the Retail industry.


Churchill Data Scientists reach a breakthrough to reduce data requirements using new advancements in AI Machine Learning.


Demand Forecast Manager™ v2.0 is released. Designed for the largest retailers in the world, this new version scaled to meet their unprecedented volumes.


Churchill continues to expand its customer base into Western Europe, Central and South America.


Churchill celebrates 25 years in business! Retail AI/ML deployments now includes dozens of the world’s top retail companies.


Demand Forecast Manager v3.0 is released for advanced pricing and promotions. Advancements in Churchill’s neural network software uses Big Data to rank factors by impact upon promotions. New Cannibalization & Halo techniques are released.


Churchill begins software migration to Cloud with Microsoft Azure partnership. This new architecture greatly reduces implementation efforts and IT resource requirements.


Major software announcement expected at National Retail Federation Big Show in January!

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