Seasonal Profile Generator v3

Std Profiles

Seasonal Profile Generator

Fast, Automated & Detailed
Handles Massive Quantities Of Sales History
Extreme Processing Speed Encourages "What-If's"
Produces Constrained or Unconstrained Results
Accommodates Product Attribute-based Seasonal Profiling
Accommodates Event Shifting (e.g. Christmas, Easter)
Accommodates Multilevel Profiling
Accommodates Outliers (Unique SKUs Outside Profile)
Output Conforms To Your Current Planning Applications
A Low Priced Team Edition Module

SPG:  A Better Way To Build Or Update Your Seasonal Profile Tables

Our studies have shown that an important factor for reducing inventory demand forecasting error is through improvement in your Seasonal Profiles..

Seasonal Profile Generator (SPG), built from Churchill's Profile Cluster Builder (PCB), has revolutionized the seasonal profile building and updating process.  And, because SPG is highly automated, seasonal profiles can be efficiently and effectively updated much more frequently.

Churchill has made the decision to deliver SPG as a low cost, standalone Team Edition module.