Clearance Markdown Recommendations

Churchill's Clearance Markdown Recommendations Solution has three modules.  Module #1 identifies markdown candidates, (b) Module #2 identifies the practical markdown price options, while Module #3 recommends the optimum combination of price discounts and time periods that are most likely to accomplish the objectives that you have established for the markdowns.

In a recent, very carefully controlled test, Churchill's Clearance Markdown Recommendation Solution generated two additional gross margin points (+2%) over the retailer's current manual markdown process.

CMR Benefits

• Identifies the merchandise most likely to require markdowns
• Generates the (multiple) markdown price alternatives
• Can calculate price markdowns at any product hierarchy grouping
• Can prepare markdowns at store, market or national grouping
• Built to manage very large volumes of Item/Location combinations
•  Built to integrate with a retailer's existing or future planning system