Churchill Team Edition v1.0

Retail Analytics Departmental Toolkit

Retail Analytics Departmental Toolkit

Regular Price Elasticity
Promo Price Elasticity
Clearance Price Elasticity
Promotional Uplift Forecasting
Sell-Thru Forecasting & Flagging
Seasonal Profiling
Pricing Zone Clustering

Completely User Controlled
Zero IT Resources Required
Built From AI Neural Network Models
Departmental Budget Friendly

Your Retail Analytics Departmental Toolkit

Forecast the impact of planned regular and clearance price changes.
Understand the impact of planned promo pricing as well as likely promo event lift.
Quickly update merchandise sell-through status including action-required alerts.
View all results graphically and easily extract results to your spreadsheets.
And accomplish all of this without any internal IT assistance.

Churchill Team Edition is your retail analytics toolkit.