Whatever your promo strategy---high/low, everyday low price, manual or electronic, digital or traditional, in today's hypercompetitive environment, every retailer must plan and execute successful promotional strategies.  And core to your success are high-quality promo uplift forecasts.  Here are two affordable methodologies that will definitely improve your promo planning results.

Price & Promotional Demand Forecaster v4 (PDF), built on Churchill's proprietary AI neural network technology, PDF eliminates fuzzy and missing data challenges. With today's rocket speed retail revolution, it's time to consider a high-speed, technologically-based, affordable promo uplift forecasting solution---Price & Promotion Demand Forecaster v4.  

Churchill's Promotional Tactics Elasticity Analysis Studies are based on Churchill's AI-based neural network, buying pattern recognizing technology.  Armed with solid demand elasticity knowledge, your promo plans will enhance customer satisfaction while increasing financial returns.  Churchill's Promotional Tactics Elasticity Analysis Studies are delivered as inexpensive consulting projects.