Replenishment Demand Forecaster™

Replenishment Demand Forecaster

Replenishment Demand Forecaster Features
• Multiple forecasting algorithms
• Algorithm optimization
• Automated seasonal profiling
• Dynamic model stock algorithms
• Event & calendar shifting
• Fractional unit forecasting
• Extreme scalability
• Full integration capabilities

Replenishment Demand Forecaster Benefits
• Specific algorithms for slow moving product
• Utilizes algorithms that best fit individual goals
• Supports massive profiling in a timely manner
• Supports SKU / Loc forecasting for large retailers
• Automatically adjusts min / max based on demand
• Integrates with customer’s existing planning software

All retailers have “always in stock” merchandise.  Also called “Basic” or “Continuity”, they may include items:
• sold long enough to generate specific history and seasonal profiles.
• with stable life spans such as basic food or clothing items.
• that can be shipped by store without restrictions on order size.
Churchill’s Replenishment Demand Forecaster (RDF) is powerful software that enables retailers to accurately forecast these basic items. One of the hallmarks of RDF is its ability to handle either high volume or fractional velocity forecasting. Forecasts can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodic demand at the distribution center or store levels. Seasonal Profiling presents special challenges and RDF offers two solutions including an automatic profile generator (PCB). “Day of the week” and “week of the month” event-shifting algorithms are included. Additionally, retailers can also better manage their “in-stocks” by using RDF’s dynamic model stock algorithms. From forecasting for products that sell less than one unit a week, to the need to process millions of forecasts per hour, Churchill’s RDF software has the functionality, scalability and power to do it all.