Profile Cluster Builder™ v3

Std Profiles

Profile Cluster Builder

Fast, Automated & Detailed
Handles Massive Quantities Of Sales History
Extreme Processing Speed Encourages "What-If's"
Produces Constrained or Unconstrained Results
Accommodates Product Attribute-based Clustering
Accommodates Event Shifting (e.g. Christmas)
Accommodates Multilevel Profiling
Accommodates Product Outliers (Unique SKUs)
Output Conforms To Your Planning Applications
Practically Priced Fees

A Better Way To Build Your Cluster & Profile Tables

A major distinction between larger vs. smaller retailers is that larger retailers cannot be "hands-on" with individual customers.  Larger retailers, by necessity, must rely on customer data (POS, etc.) to try to understand customers--e.g. A,B,C Store Groupings, Seasonal Indexes, Case Pack Sizes, etc.  Logically it follows that the better the cluster and profile builder, the better the customer is understood (and serviced) and, of course, the better the financial results.

Churchill's Profile Cluster Builder (PCB) revolutionizes the clustering and profile building process.  Internally, Churchill has been utilizing PCB to improve seasonal profiles, store volume groupings and size range groupings. And, because PCB is highly automated, clusters and profiles can be efficiently updated more frequently.

We have made the decision to deliver PCB as a standalone Churchill module either as a licensed software product or as a hosted service. (Most retailers begin PCB usage through a one-time Churchill analytics project, e.g. improving store velocity groupings, seasonal profiles, size range tables, etc.