Special Requirements Consulting

Churchill Consulting Services Team

Churchill's specialized consulting & engineering services bring a 25-year track record of successfully tackling difficult retail demand intelligence challenges with cost-effective, practical technology solutions.  We are uniquely focused on delivering demand intelligence systems to retailers that can increase inventory turns, reduce markdowns, and enhance margins.

Our projects have been global in scope, including Great Britain, Europe, Central and South America in addition to North America.  Churchill's seasoned retail experts and professional information system consultants are ready to assist retailers worldwide through the myriad of challenges found in the demand intelligence universe.


Specialists In retail forecasting and analytics
Vast history of tackling unique demand intelligence projects
Industry recognized professionalism and integrity
Worldwide service availability
Flexible working arrangements
Extraordinary value at affordable pricing


Consultants that understand retail environments and your business needs.
An organization focused on actionable deliverables.
History of successful retail engagements.
Record of secure, large-scale data transformation.
Recent projects in San Paulo, Mexico City, Warsaw, London, Bentonville.