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Brick And Mortar Retailing Is Not Dead !!

Brick and Mortar Retailing is Not Dead

IHL Group reports that for every retail store that is closing, 3.7 new stores are opening.

IHL Retail's Radical Transformation/Real Opportunities

Consider These Two Comments From The Report

  • 16 Retailers account for 66% of Store Closings mostly from poor financing or poor management decision making.
  • 24% of Amazon's revenue came from shoppers who first tried to buy at a brick & mortar store before resorting to Amazon.

The Message 

Your customers don't need to compromise, they have more buying choices than ever before. 

Today, retail planning must be precise and detailed.  The modern retailer must combine the strength of people with the precision and detail available through today's advanced technologies and that includes analytics and forecasting.

Churchill AI-based Solutions

  • Understand customer buying patterns in detail.
  • Forecast regular, promo & clearance price elasticities.
  • Predict promotional event lift values.
  • Update merchandise sell-through positions. 
  • Improve inventory planning seasonal profiles.

Churchill has AI-based solutions for individual departments, entire enterprises, solution providers and one-time consulting projects.